There are many mango varieties available. When the mango is unripe, the mango increases Pitt and Vat. When the mango is ripe and sweet, it balances Vat and Pitt and it increases Kaph. Ripe mango is considered a tonic since it builds rasa (nutritional fluid). A ripe sweet mango may ...
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Ashtanga Yog

Ashtanga is a Sanskrit word. It exists out of Astha + Anga. "Ashta" means 8 and "Anga" is limbs. So it means the "8 limb path", Ashtanga Yog is based on Yog Philosophy of Patanjali, the Patanjali Yog Sutra. History Yog has its roots about 5000 years BC as described in Vedic Philosophy ...
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Hot milk


To improve sleep you can take a glass of hot milk and add 1 tablespoon of honey to it. Drink this on a daily basis 15 minutes before bedtime. *Please note that you should never add honey to hot milk or hot water. You should add the honey when it ...
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Seasonal routine – Ritucharya

Ritucharya according to Ayurveda As per Ayurveda there are three seasons categorized: Kaph Season (January to June) Pitt Season (July to October) Vat Season (October to December) Kaph Season Kapha season starts from January and ends in June. This time of the year is usually cold and dull and is ...
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Daily routine – Dinacharya

Ayurveda says that in order to lead a happy, healthy and contended life one needs to abide by certain rules everyday. This daily regimen or Dinacharya describes the optimum time of the day for our day to day activities ...
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